Data: 8 May 2023

Energy crisis in Central and Eastern Europe

We are pleased to invite you to our conference entitled “Energy crisis in Central and Eastern Europe ” co-organized with Mathias Corvinus Collegium (MCC).

Polish-Hungarian friendship has centuries of history. But beside this friendship the two nations in CEE has important economic relations as well. The war caused corresponding geopolitical problems of the two country especially in the energetic sector. CEE has limited opportunities, but how do these countries handle this challenge? We are going to find out with the help of the professionals of the region

The participants of the conference can make a deeper sight in the Polish and Hungarian energy mix. Later we are going to learn about how’s the CEE handling the energy crisis, with a discussion of professionals from the region.
Beside the experts of the region, we are going to have guest from Azerbaijan, so we can have further information about the energy diversification opportunities and the role of Eurasia, especially the Caucasus region in the European energy crisis

9th May, Tuesday, 2023
Collegium Intermarium, main hall
Bagatela 12, 3rd floor
00-585 Warsaw

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