The Warsaw Institute is a Polish-based geopolitical think tank. Its main areas of interests include international relations, energy security, defense, history, culture, and any other issues crucial for Poland and Central and Eastern Europe. We proudly support the Three Seas Initiative and transatlantic relations.

The Warsaw Institute develops and provides innovative and practical recommendations based on rich experience of its over forty affiliated experts. The Warsaw Institute helps improve public policy and decision-making through research and analysis.

The Warsaw Institute carries out activities dedicated essentially to government agendas, NGOs, think tanks, research institutes, academic centers, opinion-forming media outlets, and experts. The Warsaw Institute is an independent, non-profit, and nonpartisan organization supported by contributions from individuals.


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  • strengthening the position of the Polish state by drafting analyses and studies on economic policy, international relations, security policy, or soft power and sending them to the Warsaw Institute partners,
  • supporting cooperation between states, societies, and NGOs worldwide,
  • sustaining efforts to develop democracy, economy, and entrepreneurship,
  • strengthening energy and military security,
  • cultivating and promoting Poland’s national and state traditions and developing national, civic, and cultural awareness.