Programs / Romania Monitor

The geopolitical changes of latest years made Romania to become one of the main European actors in terms of Central and Eastern security, stability and development. Its strategic position, at the border of the European Union and NATO, creates a constant pressure on the political environment, on social factors, on economy and investments, as Romania faces its historical pace of being always located between the East and the West.

With tendencies growing on both sides, Warsaw Institute experts monitor and analyze the day-by-day inputs of Romanian politics and business and try to anticipate the main medium and long term changes which can occur in a country which, based on its size and population, can play a key role for many stakeholders.

By delivering well documented analysis, the aim of Romania Monitor is to:

  • give a clear image of Romania’s main events,
  • predict possible changes and threats,
  • discover the backstage of certain political decisions,
  • explain the main course of political, economical and social developments.

Moreover, this project aims to develop itself in a primary and reliable information source for further debates concerning Romania and its partners.

The program was co-financed (in the period of 05.2018-12.2019) from the funds of the Civic Initiatives Fund Program 2018.