Date: 19 December 2017

Polish energy security – seminar in India

At the invitation of the Polish Institute in New Delhi, President of the Warsaw Institute has given a lecture about Poland’s Energy Security Policy, with a particular focus on natural gas. It was part of program “Knowledge Capsules” which was attended by scientists, experts and diplomats mostly from India, Thailand and Sri lanka.

Poland is India’s largest trade partner in Central and Eastern Europe and the eight-largest economy in the in the European Union. Both Poland and India are strongly investing in economic development, which is connected with an increase in demand for energy, energy resources and infrastructure. Poland and India have similar share of carbon in energy mixes, which reached more than 50 % in both of them. It creates many opportunities for cooperation, especially in the area of deep mining technology, which is highly developed in Poland. What undoubtedly connects both countries is the liquefied natural gas – LNG. Despite the low share of natural gas in India’s energy mix, which is 6% (BP Statistical Review – Energy Outlook 2015) ), Indians consume over 50 billion m3 gas annually, over than three times more than in Poland (about 16 billion m3 per year). Over 40% of gas consumed in India is imported through the terminals LNG which represents more than 22, billion m3 per year. Over 40% of gas consumed in India is imported through the terminals LNG which represents more than 22 billion m3 per year. The capacity of Indian terminals is four times bigger than the capacity of Polish terminal in Swinoujscie. The interest of both countries in using liquefied natural gas and developing coal extraction technology undoubtedly can be a platform for exchanging views and experience between energy companies, scientists and experts.


Discussions in which scientists, experts and diplomats participated were addressed to local public opinion and raised the issues of current Polish policy. “Knowledge Capsules” serve as a forum for presenting the Polish point of view on the current challenges of European and global policy and were organized by Polish Institute in New Delhi. This institution was established in June 2012, as an extension of the Polish diplomatic mission to India. The Polish Institute in New Delhi expresses itself through contemporary projects built in cooperation with India’s leading talents and institutions, in order to contribute relevant programming within the cultural sector. Through shared professional exchanges, cultural understanding is nurtured in order to build a strong platform for on-going dialogue and exchange.

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