Date: 9 October 2017

Russian Army: Autumn’s Decline in Form

It is known that in October and November, the Russian army’s military readiness declines and so does the military potential of the state. Such a situation is related to the rotation of a part of conscript soldiers as well as it can be ascribed to the annual inspection of military units. Moreover, no one should be afraid of Russia’s aggressive military activities until November.


On October 9, the first stage of the 2017 control began within the armies of the Western Military District. Such inspections will be conducted in all units, except for those that have already been tested in the framework of the Zapad-2017 military drills. Specially appointed committees, involving commanders of district units and chiefs of staff, will be evaluating the troops’ actions. A full test will cover units of all types of the Russian Armed Forces in all regions of the country. During the first stage (planned for the first half of the month), committees will inspect more than three hundred entities put on high alert in combat readiness. Controls will take place in 120 training grounds; moreover, it is said that even up to 120,000 troops will be deployed to other locations. Within the framework of the above-mentioned inspection, a number of exercises have been scheduled. The largest drills will take place in the Airborne Forces. In October, 5,000 soldiers will participate in a landing operation; before, they will be transported over a distance of more than 2,000 kilometres. Some troops will be deployed to the north, whereas the others – to the south of Russia. It is estimated that up to 30 transport aircraft will be used for this purpose. The October test will also cover the mechanisms for calling up reservists and mobilizing military reserves. The second stage of the inspection will be held in the last decade of October.

On October 1, this year’s autumn conscription started in Russia. Russia’s military is hoping to recruit about 130,000 men. A similar number will leave the army after a year of compulsory military service. Such a state of matters may result with a decline in combat readiness of most units due to the change of personnel. Among troops who leave the army, there are these who were trained during the annual service (called up in autumn 2016), however those recruited in spring will be fully trained soon. As a result, the Russian army will return to its highest military readiness in December this year.

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