Data: 11 lutego 2019

Stała baza wojskowa USA w Polsce: wzmocnienie obrony i odstraszania na wschodniej flance NATO

Komentarz Iuliana Chifu do najnowszego raportu specjalnego Warsaw Institute pt. Stała Baza Wojskowa USA w Polsce – Dobre Rozwiązanie dla NATO.


Once constructed, the U.S. army base in Poland will endeavor to add value to the „defense and deter” process both on the Eastern Flank of NATO and the EU. It is an expression of a sovereign decision that had been made by Poland to ensure its security and defense, a step undertaken according to the country’s own choices that was neither limited by nor subjected to the interference of any third countries. Poland freely accepted to strengthen its defense capacity through the permanent presence of U.S. contingent on its territory. This is to take place in line with Warsaw’s strategy and planning, both of which refer to the existing threat assessments…

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