Data: 11 lutego 2019

Baza USA w Polsce – wyzwania dla mobilności NATO

Komentarz Glena E. Howarda, prezesa Jamestown Foundation (USA), do najnowszego raportu specjalnego Warsaw Institute pt. Stała Baza Wojskowa USA w Polsce – Dobre Rozwiązanie dla NATO.

The center of gravity of NATO has been steadily moving eastward since the end of the Cold War, assuming greater intensity following the invasion of Crimea in February 2014. Poland plays a central role in NATO’s deterrence strategy in the East, first and foremost due to its proximity to the theater of potential conflict in the Baltic.

The United States has a major dilemma in its defense strategy in Europe through the small size of its Europe-based conventional forces. At the height of the Cold War, the United States disposed of over 350,000 ground forces based in Germany alone defending the Fulda Gap. Today Washington has only 50,000 men total defending a potential battlefront that extends from the Arctic to the Black Sea as NATO struggles to develop a deterrence strategy utilizing a small number of American forces…

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