Date: 21 September 2017

Jessikka Aro in Warsaw

Over the last few days, the Warsaw Institute Foundation hosted a Finnish journalist Jessikka Art in Warsaw. Ms Aro is finnish journalist and she specializes in Russia, information warfare, security and extremism. Her visit was an excellent opportunity for many meetings and discussions.


On September 19 – 21, 2017, Jessikka Aro carried out a series of presentations and workshops on information warfare in cyberspace and dangers of disinformation. Among our listeners, we had an opportunity to host an American delegation of three Republican Congressmen: Steve Russell (from Oklahoma), Brad Wenstrup (from Ohio) and Ralph Abraham (Louisiana) who arrived to Poland at the invitation of the From the Depths foundation. Ms Aro also carried out a workshop for journalists and specialists in communication and security.

Ms Aro is finnish journalist responsible for launching an investigation of pro-Russia trolls connected with info war and St. Petersburg’s troll factory (case from September 2014). She has shared her experience as popular conference speaker and contributor of various press freedom projects. Ms Aro trained journalists, media leaders, security officials, Russia experts as well as private Finnish and international IT companies. She delivered her speeches and recommendations at Finnish and international universities, cyber security conferences, NATO summit’s expert panel, EU conferences, security events etc. Recently she was an expert to strengthening the Finnish national legislation against counter information and hybrid threats.

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