Date: 8 October 2020

Poland will receive COVID-19 drugs from European Commission


The European Commission has announced the delivery of the drug Veklury to EU member states, including Poland. It is the only drug permitted in the EU for treating COVID-19 patients needing additional oxygen.

EC spokesman stated that the Commission signed a contract in July with the American company Gilead Sciences to secure deliveries of the drug for about 30,000 patients, which represents about 180,000 doses.

A contract for a total value of EUR 63 million covered the needs of member states in August, September and the beginning of October and that since early August doses had been made available to member states and the UK through coordination and support from the European Commission.

The Commission also negotiated and secured the delivery of an additional 20,290 doses, entirely funded by the Emergency Support Facility, to help nearly 3,400 patients.


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