Date: 7 October 2020

Poland and Britain held security round table


Poland and Britain held their first security round table talks on Monday. The videoconference, hosted by Poland’s National Security Bureau and the British Embassy in Warsaw, was devoted to NATO responses to new threats and bilateral cooperation in security matters.

Attending the talks were National Security Bureau head Pawel Soloch, the British PM’s security and foreign affairs aide David Quarrey, Poland’s military chief of staff General Rajmund Andrzejczak, and ministerial staff from both countries.

According to the head of National Security Bureau, the talks covered NATO’s adjustment to new security challenges and tightening security cooperation between Poland and Britain.

Poland and Britain cooperate closely in operations aimed to reinforce the eastern NATO flank, both countries participate in the NATO Very High Readiness Joint Task Force and the NATO Enhanced Forward Presence operation.

Source: The First News

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