Date: 18 September 2020

Lublin Triangle videoconference


The main topics of talks between Deputy Minister Marcin Przydacz and deputy heads of diplomacy of Lithuania and Ukraine were proposals for the new format’s further work agenda and key current political issues in Eastern Europe, with particular focus on the situation in Belarus.

Ministers agreed about the establishment of a regular mechanism for discussion and consultation at the level of the new format’s coordinators and directors of the foreign ministries’ departments, on such topics as: political challenges in the region, cooperation in international organisations, and combating misinformation.

They also exchanged information on measures taken by their countries to support civil society in Belarus in the face of government repression. Ministers also agreed about Russia’s negative impact on developments and stressed the need for continued strong support for pro-democratic circles.

The talks also covered the situation ahead of the parliamentary elections in Georgia and the presidential elections in the Republic of Moldova. The diplomats stressed the need for both countries to continue on a pro-European development path as well as the need to maintain active contacts with their authorities. The next meeting of the Lublin Triangle is scheduled in Kyiv, at the level of foreign ministers.


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