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As a result of its aggressive policies, especially after the escalation of operations since 2014, Russia has become the subject of renewed interest in today’s global public opinion among politicians, entrepreneurs, academics, journalists and pundits. This makes access to expert knowledge about the situation in that country all the more important, the direction of Russian politics and economic and military expansion, and finally forecasts of the consequences for Europe and the world.

Russia Monitor is a review of the most important events relating to Russian security (broadly understood). Warsaw Institute experts monitor and analyze the Kremlin’s activities and those of its subordinate services to anticipate their short-term and long-term consequences, not only for Russia, but particularly for neighboring countries and the Western world. Therefore, the subject of our analyses are both events and phenomena closely related to the internal situation in Russia, as well as its foreign policy. We are interested in Russian politics behind-the-scenes, changes in security forces and special forces, and the conditions surrounding offensive activities, including military operations.

Our analytical experience, including the ability to form in-depth assessments and forecasts, is at your service. Our experts, who have been monitoring the situation in Russia for years, provide this. We want Russia Monitor to help politicians and businessmen make decisions, and also to bring attention of all concerned to the real face of Putin’s Russia.

Russia Monitor offers:

  • analysis of forces in the ruling elite of Russia
  • forecasts of political developments in Russia
  • assessments of Moscow’s moves on the international scene and their impact on Russia’s economic policy
  • analysis of connections between business circles and policy makers
  • assessment of the risks associated with Russia’s energy expansion
  • information about the situation in Russia’s security apparatus

The program was co-financed (in the period of 05.2018-12.2019) from the funds of the Civic Initiatives Fund Program 2018.


Russia Monitor Monthly