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Mr. Pawłowski is a Chairman of the Foundation Council at the Warsaw Institute. He is also Vice-President of the Board in the Cegielski Center for Analysis. Graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Warsaw and Babson Entrepreneurship Program at Babson College. He was an intern as research assistant at the Institute of World Politics in Washington, DC. He gained his professional experience in the best banks in Poland. Currently he works as a manager in the leading company in the regional transportation sector.

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A Difficult Transatlantic Cooperation

A Difficult Transatlantic Cooperation

In the face of the growing economic and structural crisis as well as the global rise of China’s power, Europe and the United States should overcome reciprocal grievances and prejudices, revisiting the spirit of transatlantic cooperation that has been mutually beneficial in the past.

Warmer Relations Between Poland and Lithuania

Warmer Relations Between Poland and Lithuania

Polish-Lithuanian bilateral ties have evolved many times over the centuries, ranging from friendly and close relations at the times of the Polish to Lithuanian Commonwealth to far more distant over the past century. Now Poland and Lithuania have an excellent chance to enhance their economic, cultural and political emotions, grasping an opportunity of two-sided engagement and their presence in the European Union and NATO.

New Road to the Baltic Sea

New Road to the Baltic Sea

Contrary to the provisions of the Polish-Soviet border agreement of 1945, the Pilava Strait linking the Vistula Lagoon to the Baltic Sea was not opened to Polish merchant vessels while Poland’s port of Elbląg had no longer access to the Baltic Sea. In June 1990, the yacht “Misia II” under the skipper Edmund Krasowski, a Member of Polish Parliament at the time, as the first sailed from Elbląg to Gdynia across the Pilava Strait.