Date: 3 September 2020

New president of the Polish National Commission for UNESCO


Yesterday, Foreign Minister Zbigniew Rau handed Prof. Michał Kleiber his nomination for the position of president of the Polish National Commission for UNESCO.

Professor Kleiber assumes the post of the Commission’s president during Poland’s membership of the UNESCO’s Executive Board (2019-2023), the most important intergovernmental body managing the organisation.

Michał Kleiber is an internationally acknowledged scientist specialising in the area of applied computer sciences. He has extensive experience in science management. In the past, he served as the Minister of Science and Information Technology and was the president of the Polish Academy of Sciences. In his research and teaching he focuses on using computer sciences in scientific research, technology and medicine.

The Polish National Commission for UNESCO is a consultative and advisory body to the Council of Ministers in matters regarding UNESCO. It brings together representatives of ministries involved in the cooperation with UNESCO and persons from the scientific and creative communities. The Commission is headed by a president, who is appointed for a five-year term.

Source: MSZ

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