Date: 23 August 2019

NBC news quotes the Russia Monitor programme from Warsaw Institute


NBC News has published the article “Russia says it ‘chased away’ NATO fighter jet near defense minister; s plane” based on NATO pilot testimonies and on Russia Monitor think tank Warsaw Institute publications.

The authors of the article are Alexander Smith – British reporter NBC News Digital – and Tatyana Chistikova – Moscow journalist-freelancer. The report concerned an incident in the space on the Baltic Sea that occurred in August 2019.

A Russian fighter escorting the Russian defense minister “chased” a NATO plane that approached to identify a government plane. According to NATO pilots, the fighter with the Minister on board was escorted by an unusually large number of other aircraft.

The incident still occurred in the international airspace, but according to NATO, it was very close to allied areas. The video material attached to the article shows that Russian aircraft showed exceptional aggression and were close to causing an air disaster, heading straight for a NATO jet.

– It is not the first time Russia has reported the interaction between NATO jets and an aircraft carrying Shoygu. In 2017, Zvezda published a video allegedly showing a NATO F-16 jet flying next to a ministerial aircraft before the Su-27 approached it, NBC said. – For years, NATO and Russia have been involved in what the Polish think tank Warsaw Institute and others call the “air cold war” – she added, adding to the article the Russia Monitor program run by our organization.

„Russia says it ‚chased away’ NATO fighter jet near defense minister’s plane” article in NBC.COM

„From the Baltic to Alaska: More Russian Air Provocations Reported” Russia Monitor article


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