Date: 1 October 2020

Merkel to meet Tikhanovskaya

Further to Macron’s meeting with Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, Angela Merkel said to German MPs on Wednesday that she looked forward to meeting Tikhanovskaya “soon”. Moreover, she praised Belarusian women on standing against the regime, saying that she found it “really impressive”. The legitimate president of Belarus will visit Berlin on 5 October.
On Thursday 1 October, the ban on will come into force. The news site will have its media credentials suspended until 30 December, because of their engagement in covering the protests against Lukashenko. The Ministry of Information announced the court’s ruling that the news outlet had published prohibited information. Despite the officials’ decision,’s representatives announced they will continue to operate even “without the status of a media outlet.”
Belarusian state news agency reports that in response to sanctions from Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, Minsk will respond by retaliatory sanctions. As a consequence, approximately hundred officials from each of the Baltic states have been prohibited from entering Belarus. Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that they will continue to respond to pressure measures, but “will never initiate such steps”

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