Tomasz Kijewski: I think it is a great time to speed up Georgia’s European integration process

On July 24, 2021, Tomasz Kijewski, president of the Warsaw Institute, gave an interview to about the July 19 conference in Batumi.

“I think that the three countries are the most advanced countries of the eastern partnership on their way to European integration. So, I think this is an important time. We should speed up the process because different political changes can happen as we’re observing the European political landscape. This is a time we should use. We would like to deeper understand the Georgian Foreign Policy and how Georgia can forward faster towards EU integration and more cooperation with European and western partners. I think it is a very important question right now.

Despite the fact that Georgia is on its way to European integration, there is a lot of challenges. This is a time we should use. The talks and the process of Georgia are getting closer to the European structures has been established a long time ago. I think it is a great time just to speed up the integration. It should be done in cooperation between Georgia and European Union.

And the same time, in my opinion, European Union and other western countries should be flexible when it comes to respecting cultural differences in countries like Georgia, in countries like Poland, and others. The standard of democratization is very important, and it should be respected, but I think we can not force countries like Georgia to just make one model of democracy in this sense. So, I think the differences in cultural and political approaches should be preserved, and it should not be an obstacle to integrate into European structures.”

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