Date: 17 May 2019

The Jamestown Foundation Quotes Our Report “Nord Stream 2 and Ukraine”

The report by Grzegorz Kuczyński – expert of the Warsaw Institute, has been quoted in the latest analysis of the Jamestown Foundation “Baltic Pipe to Cut Poland’s Gas Dependence on Russia” by Natalia Konarzewska.

The latest analysis of The Jamestown Foundation concerns mainly the project of the Baltic Pipe gas pipeline and its impact on the independence of Poland and other countries from gas supplies from Russia.

The article quoted a fragment of the report by Grzegorz Kuczyński Ukraine–Nord Stream 2: Struggle Over Gas Transit:

„However, Poland has not solved all its energy dilemmas. The Nord Stream Two pipeline, a largely Russian-German gas infrastructure project, which will run along the Baltic Sea bed, mostly parallel to Nord Stream One, is the latest bone of contention between Poland, Russia and Germany. Poland, Slovakia, the Baltic States and Ukraine strongly oppose Nord Stream Two, fearing that it will strengthen Russia’s gas chokehold on Central and Eastern Europe and further drive a wedge between the region and much of Western Europe. Many Western European countries consider this pipeline beneficial as it will severely lower the cost of Russian gas for their consumers. Critics assert, however, that Nord Stream Two will be used by Russia as a pretext to eliminate Ukraine as a gas transit country to Europe, which will have serious financial and security implications for Kyiv”

Article by The Jamestown Foundation -> Baltic Pipe to Cut Poland’s Gas Dependence on Russia, Natalia Konarzewska, 13.05.2019

Report by Warsaw Institute ->Ukraine–Nord Stream 2: Struggle Over Gas Transit, Grzegorz Kuczyński, 15.01.2019

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