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Central and Eastern Europe


English, Polish

Tomasz Grzywaczewski — journalist, writer, filmmaker, and expert in Central and Eastern Europe studies. Author of the books “The Erased Border” dedicated to the people formed the multinational mosaic of the Second Polish Republic (, November 2020), “The Borders of Dreams”, devoted to the post-soviet unrecognized states (awarded with Kryształowa Karta Polskiego Reportażu 2019 and Magellan prize for the best reportage book 2019), “Life and Death on the Dead Road” and “Across the Wild East” (awarded with The Magellan 2013). Speaker i.a. at Georgetown University in Washington DC and The Explorers Club in NYC.
Author of the articles for numerous magazines and websites including Foreign Policy, New Eastern Europe, Gość Niedzielny, Do Rzeczy, Wprost. Former editor-in-chief of the Koncept magazine. Alumni of Russian Security Studies Certificate at Daniel Morgan Graduate School of National Security, Washington DC.
Co-screenwriter of a documentary feature “Shadows of the Empire” inspired by his book “Borders of Dreamlands”. The movie shot in Kaliningrad Oblast, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, and Nagorno-Karabakh was presented during e.g. Krakow Film Festival, Transatlantic Festival, a special screening at Georgetown University in Washington and released in Polish cinemas.
The originator and leader of “Long Walk Plus Expedition” – expedition from Siberia to India in the footsteps of Polish refugees from Gulag and “Dead Road 1953-2013” – scientific expedition to the Siberian Stalinist ghost-railway “Transpolar Mainline” (in cooperation with New York University). The member of “Vivat Polonia 2016” expedition to Cameroon and Western Africa researching the history of polish explorer Stefan Szolc-Rogoziński. Member of The Explorers Club.