Rafał Zgorzelski

Editor-in-Chief of The Warsaw Institute Review

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Historical policy, economy


Polish, Russian


A historian, publicist, manager. A graduate of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. He gained professional experience in the postal, energy and armaments sectors. Promoter of economic patriotism.

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A Strong Poland in Europe

A Strong Poland in Europe

Poland, interested in good cooperation with France, Germany and its other European partners, has an essential role to play in the process of returning to the roots and ideas that illuminated the founding of the European Union. Poland needs a strong Europe, and Europe, the European Union, needs a strong Poland, open to cooperation with countries of the “Old Union”, and politically active in East-Central Europe.

Modern Patriotism

Modern Patriotism

What characterizes the most dynamic and often the richest economies in the world?