Date: 2 October 2023

U.S. Use G20 Summit in New Delhi to Strengthen Partnership with Emerging Markets Without China

The G20 summit in Indi marked the early beginning of September. The U.S. President Joe Biden, along with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, French President Emmanuel Macron, Saudi Arabia’s Mohammed Bin Salman, and Japan’s Fumio Kishida, gathered in New Delhi for the culmination point of the G20 summit. The summit distincted the Chinese leader -Xi Jinping’s- absence.

SOURCE: Manish Swarup—AP

The G20 as an intergovernmental forum was brought to live in 1999 to gather financial ministers from 19 nations and the European Union to address issues related to the global economy. Since 2008, the forum has been augmented by the heads of state meetings. The G20 Leaders’ summit is one of the most high-profile geopolitical assemblies. This year, the G20 Leaders’ summit took place in New Delhi on 8-9 September, culminating India’s G20 presidency.
Taking advantage of China’s absence, U.S. President Joe Biden led the charge, aiming to isolate China and Russia and providing a “booster shot” to the U.S. position in the international world order. Washington’s efforts could be seen as successful with the support of India, which positioned itself as an advocate for the global south at the current summit.
As the White House indicates this year, the U.S. focus on the summit was on Delivering for Developing Countries, Global Health Challenges, Inclusive and Responsible Digital Transformation and Food Security. Moreover, efforts were made to address issues related to achieving Just Peace in Ukraine and sustainable growth.
Moreover, Time notes, “For the U.S., any move that bolsters India and amplifies other democracies in the Global South helps to counter China and Russia’s influence, particularly when it comes to bringing about the G20’s call for a “comprehensive, just and durable peace” in Ukraine”. Modi’s move to elevate the African Union as a full G20 member is an attempt to establish India as the leader of the Global South in counter to the Chinese economic influence. Moreover, domestically, hosting the G20 summit might use by Narendar Modis to bolster his credentials as he prepares to seek a third term in next year’s domestic elections.
Szymon Polewka is a student of international relations at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków, specializing in the history of international relations, the Eurasian region, DACHL countries, intercultural relations, and the energy sector. He is currently on a scholarship at the University of Bremen. He has gained experience organizing the 2020 Economic Forum in Karpacz and numerous youth and student associations, such as AIESEC or Koło Naukowe Wyzwań Zielonego Ładu.


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