Date: 25 October 2019

Russia’s activities in Africa – a statement for El Periodico

Grzegorz Kuczyński, expert at the Warsaw Institute, gave an interview about the Russian presence in Africa for El Periodico, one of the largest Catalan dailies. In the article by Marc Marginedas, you can read, among others, why Russia considers Africa as an arena of rivalry, especially with the West.


Below are excerpts from Grzegorz Kuczyński’s statement:

Politically, Kuczynski enumerates, “to deplete the West,” it is easier for Moscow to “sow chaos” there than in Europe itself. In addition, the specialist continues, the African region is the ” 25% ” origin of the UN member states, which would allow Moscow to increase its weight in the global organization if it manages to materialize projection on the continent.

In the economic field, summarizes the Polish expert, Russia seeks in Africa access to the deposits of ” oil ,  gas ,  gold ,  diamonds , but especially  rare metals “, the latter vital in the global economy, while constituting “a market relatively  undemanding  for its  exports , mainly of weapons.”

The entire article is available here:


We also encourage you to read his report entitled “Russia in Africa – weapons, mercenaries, spin-doctors.”

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