Date: 27 December 2021

Putin Blames West For Stoking Tensions

It is nothing new that the Russian president threatens NATO and the United States, a strategy that now fits into Moscow’s policy of intimidating Western nations. Moscow distorts the fact, saying the West is posing a threat to Russia that has to respond accurately. Naturally, the situation looks different: Moscow’s aggressive behavior compels the United States and NATO to act defensively.


Putin blamed the West for increased tensions at an extended meeting of the Russian Defense Ministry Board that took place on December 21 in Moscow. “If the aggressive line of our Western colleagues continues, we will take adequate military-technical response measures and react harshly to unfriendly steps,” Putin told the meeting. Russia’s defense secretary also claimed without evidence that over 120 U.S. mercenaries were on the ground in eastern Ukraine and threatening Russia with chemical weapons. At the meeting with the country’s top military brass, Putin accused the West of escalating tensions across Europe. He said Russia was extremely concerned about the deployment of elements of the U.S. global missile defense system near its border. “The Mk41 launchers, which are located in Romania and are to be deployed in Poland, are adapted for launching the Tomahawk strike missiles,” the Russian leader was quoted as saying. The Russian president reiterated his demand for guarantees from the U.S. and its allies that NATO will not expand eastwards. He said signs were that partners were willing to work on these proposals. What Putin and Shoigu said indicates that Moscow is seeking to force Western countries into security proposals or at least persuade the United States and NATO to begin talks as soon as possible. The extended meeting of the Russian defense ministry (December 21) comes as yet another display of Russian power in an attempt to up the ante in the Kremlin’s political game for a new division of spheres of influence throughout Central and Eastern Europe.

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