Date: 13 January 2019

“Lucjan Skupiewski. Social and Political Biography” – New Warsaw Institute Publication

Warsaw Institute presents a bilingual version of “Lucjan Skupiewski. Social and Political Biography” by dr hab. Andrzej Dubicki, prof. Associate, University of Łódź.

Lucjan Skupiewski, protagonist, was a doctor, social worker and politician in Bucharest in the early XX century. The hero for two nations: Poles and Romanians, who proved that he one can serve new homeland without losing origin. A symbol of fruitful Polish-Romanian cooperation.

Lucjan Skupiewski played an important role in Romanian politics, both at the local level, in Bucharest, for years as a city councilor and deputy mayor, and at the central level, in the Senate of the Kingdom of Romania. The publication also reveals the secrets of Skupiewski’s acquaintance with Marshal Józef Piłsudski and sheds light on the bonds between the Skupiewski and the Jasiewicz families, the latter are relatives of Lech and Jarosław Kaczyński.

This fascinating publication allows you to get to know all the interesting facts of political life in Romania at the beginning of the 20th century and reflects the atmosphere of the age. As the author writes, Dr Lucjan Skupiewski undoubtedly proved through his social and political activity that the representatives of the Polish diaspora can be an added value to the societies among which they came to live and create. Certainly, it is should be recognized that he achieved his goals in new homeland remaining Polish, maintaining his bonds with old homeland.


The Warsaw Institute Review” covers the publication with media patronage.
The publication was co-financed from the funds “Protection of cultural heritage abroad 2018” Program of Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage


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