Date: 6 July 2020

New analytical program: MENA Monitor

MENA Monitor focuses on the Middle East and North Africa region, analyzing the most important events happening in the area stretching from Morocco to Iran, their consequences for neighboring countries and their impact on the world’s situation.

MENA Monitor analyzes concern, among others:

  • Current economic and political situation in the Middle East and North Africa
  • Conflicts and peace processes in the region
  • Saudi-Iranian rivalry
  • Socio-economic changes in the Gulf States
  • Activities of terrorist organizations and other non-state actors
  • Israeli-Palestinian relations
  • The impact of events in the region on world oil markets
  • Middle East and North African migration routes
  • Activities of global powers in the MENA area

All texts published by the Warsaw Institute Foundation may be disseminated on the condition that their origin is credited. Images may not be used without permission.

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