Date: 9 October 2019

Geopolitical Dynamics: Private Military Corporations – expert debate of the Warsaw Institute Review!

On Tuesday 22.10.2019 at 6 pm in Warsaw, a leading debate of Warsaw Institute experts will take place examining the role of private military corporations fighting on behalf of world powers. The starting point for the meeting of four outstanding analysts will be the presentation of two Warsaw Institute analytical publications: the book “Capitalism, new wars and private companies” by Wojciech Pałka and a special report by Filip Bryjka: Russian “contractors” in the service of the Kremlin.

The Warsaw Institute Review Editorial Office and the Warsaw Institute foundation have the honour to cordially invite you to an event featuring four remarkable experts in the field of security, military economics and international relations. On October 22 at 6 pm, the ‘Geopolitical Dynamics: Private Military Corporations’ debate will be held at Świetlica Wolności in Warsaw, during which two publications related to private military companies and geopolitics will be introduced: Wojciech Pałka’s book “Capitalism, new wars and private companies” and the Warsaw Institute Special Report “Russian “contractors” in the Service of the Kremlin” by Filip Bryjka.

The authors’ meeting, publication presentatio n and expert debate will be attended by:

– Wojciech Pałka – Doctorate in security sciences, graduate of economics at the University of Warsaw and long-time consultant, analyst and manager in a number of armaments entities, currently managing the implementation of selected research and development projects at the Military Institute of Armament Technology

– Filip Bryjka – Political scientist specializing in international security. He engages with the issues of contemporary armed conflicts and asymmetrical threats. Lecturer at the Faculty of Security Sciences of the Academy of Land Forces in Wrocław. Just defended his dissertation on the phenomenon of ‘proxy wars’

– Grzegorz Kuczyński – Director of the Eurasia program of the Warsaw Institute. A graduate of history at the University of Białystok and specialized in eastern studies at the University of Warsaw. A renown expert on ‘Eastern’ affairs, he worked for many years as a journalist and analyst. He is the author of many books and publications on the lobbying of Russian politics.

– PhD Rafał Zgorzelski– Session moderator. Long-term expert at the Warsaw Institute Foundation, political, historical and economic analyst.

Alongside the introduction of the “Capitalism, new wars and private companies” and the Special Report “Russian “Contractors” in the Service of the Kremlin”, experts from Warsaw Institute and The Warsaw Institute Review will start a debate on the activities of private enterprises in conflicts and its effect on the current balance of power of states in strategically most important places in the world.

During the event it will be possible for audience members to get acquainted with The Warsaw Institute Review quarterly, engage with Warsaw Institute experts and purchase Wojciech Pałka’s book ‘Capitalism, new wars and private companies’.

Wojciech Pałka’s book
“Capitalism, new wars and private companies”

Filip Bryjka’s and Warsaw Institute Special Report
“Russian “contractors” in the Service of the Kremlin” 

Thank you for your great interest in the Warsaw Institute and The Warsaw Institute Review debates. We invite you to the next expert meeting “Geopolitical Dynamics: Private Military Corporations” on October 22 at 6 pm, 2019 at Świetlica Wolności in Warsaw.

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