Date: 10 February 2022

The future of energy – an interview by the Warsaw Institute

On February 9, the Warsaw Institute had the pleasure of hosting Jakub Wiech, a publicist and deputy editor-in-chief of the Energetyka24 website. The topic of the conversation on the foundation’s channel was the future of energy.

Public Relations Director Liliana Śmiech invited Jakub Wiech to the program to talk to him about a number of issues important for the future of energy in Poland and the European Union. This is exactly what the first part of the program concerned with gas as “green energy” in the context of the European Union’s climate policy plans.

An expert of the Energetyka24 portal also commented on the possibility of opening a nuclear power plant in Poland. Jakub Wiech emphasized in his speech the importance of Polish coal and its share in Poland’s energy resources. According to the expert, it is not possible to suddenly stop extracting energy from coal, but to diversify Poland’s energy resources in an evolutionary way. Wiech believes that energy diversification plans should be more determined.

Hydrogen, electric cars and alternatives leading to changes in energy use and emissions were also discussed. The deputy editor-in-chief of the Energetyka24 portal also expressed his opinion on the Polish-Czech negotiations on the Turów power plant and assessed the results of these talks.

The entire conversation with Jakub Wiech can be found on our YouTube channel.

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