Date: 20 October 2018

Workshops and Roundtable – Disinformation in Georgia

The Warsaw Institute on October 16-17 organized workshops for representatives of Georgian civil society and a roundtable for experts in Tbilisi. The partner in project Disinformation in practice – identifying, researching and fighting harmful narratives in Georgia is the Georgian Institute for Strategic Studies.

The first meeting, carried out in the form of intensive workshop training for representatives of Georgian NGOs, journalists and central and local government officials, was supposed to share the knowledge of how to correctly recognize and effectively fight disinformation and fake news in the Georgian media. Workshop elements, such as team work and analysis of real examples of propaganda activities in Georgia, have allowed participants to better engage in understanding the issues of training.



The second day of the project was intended for the disnformation experts’ meeting. It was also a great opportunity for authors to present the backstage of the publication “Handbook on Countering Russia’s Disinformation in Georgia Identifying, examining and addressing Russia’s hostile narratives in Georgia”. This publication will be published on our website soon. Georgian experts shared their opinions and comments on the fight against disinformation, and the authors of Policy Paper, which will finalize the project, determined which issues should be added to the previous document.



We will provide further information about the project on our website.

Project co-financed by the Polish development cooperation programme of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland.


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