Date: 28 November 2018

Discussion Panel – Information War and Special Forces

Warsaw Institute invites you to the discussion panel “Information War and Special Forces”, which will take place on December 10, 2018 in the Library of the University of Warsaw. The panel will be attended by Piotr Bączek, former SKW and dr Rafał Brzeski, an expert in the field of disinformation and information war. The moderator of the word will be Dr. Rafał Zgorzelski, Editor-in-Chief of The Warsaw Institute Review


Disinformation activities, manipulation, stoking anxieties or influence agency are examples of modern war, which, unlike the classical one, is not based on military strength but on commonly available information. The information war phenomenon is present on the international arena, but also in everyday life. Although it does not apply directly to the military sphere, it can be equally dangerous, because it affects the general consciousness of people and the activity of the state.

The manipulated information is created by various initiating centers (states, media, organizations, power), reproduced by mass media, disseminated and directed to a specific object of influence. In disinformation activities, the destabilizing center strikes with special mechanisms and models, causing a massive destabilizing effect and receiving the awareness of the recipients of operations.

What are the most important aspects regarding the subject of disinformation and who do they concern? What is the effect of fake news on destabilization? Is the role of special services in chalking the manipulation and fueling of unrests important? To what extent can special services prevent the destabilizing activity of centers that initiate information wars? Is there a danger of Russian disinformation and what is the strategy of functioning of the services of the Russian Federation?

The invited panelists will answer these questions:

Piotr Bączek – former Head of Military Counter-Intelligence (in 2015-2018)
Rafał Brzeski, Ph.D. – an expert in the field of disinformation and information war, a former correspondent of the Polish Radio in London
• Moderator: Rafał Zgorzelski, Ph.D. – editor-in-chief of “The Warsaw Institute Review”

The meeting will start at 5:30 PM in room 256 in the University of Warsaw Library (Dobra 56/66 Street). It is an open meeting. The working language will be Polish. Live stream will be available on Warsaw Institute facebook page.


Piotr BĄCZEK – political scientist, former journalist and publicist, he cooperated, among others with “Gazeta Polska”, “Głos”, “Nasz Dziennik”. In 2006-2008 he was a member of the Verification Commission for WSI. Co-creator of the Military Counter-Intelligence Service (SKW), the first head of the SKW analysis department. Expert of the parliamentary “Smolensk team”. In the period 19.11.2015 – 16/01/2018. Head of SKW.

Rafał BRZESKI – an eminent specialist in the field of information war, special services and terrorism, translator, writer and publicist. Former journalist of Polish Radio, Baltimore Sun, ABC-V News New York, BBC World Service and correspondent of Polish Radio in London.

Rafał ZGORZELSKI – editor-in-chief of The Warsaw Institute Review. Author or co-author of comments, expert opinions, opinions and positions concerning socio-political issues and business activities, as well as speeches and publications devoted to this subject. Speaker and participant in numerous conferences, symposia and debates. Promoter of the idea of ​​economic patriotism.

The substantive partner of the event is the quarterly “The Warsaw Institute Review”.

The program was co-financed from the funds of the Civic Initiatives Fund Program 2018.


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