Date: 16 December 2021

Beijing, Moscow Form A New Anti-American Axis

The Russia-China summit confirmed their lasting alliance targeting the United States. The video meeting was vital for Vladimir Putin who has in recent months stiffened his anti-Western stance to force the United States into concessions on Ukraine and NATO’s policy in Central and Eastern Europe.


The leaders met on December 15 via a video link, on the same day the Eastern Partnership summit took place in Brussels. During the meeting, Xi Jinping told Putin that “certain international forces” are currently interfering in the internal affairs of China and Russia and welcomed the “Kremlin’s firmly opposed attempts to drive a wedge between Russia and China.” The men spoke of “hegemonic acts” and “the Cold War mentality.” While neither China nor Russia named their enemies, there is no doubt that their meeting was meant to deal a blow to the United States. The conference cemented an informal alliance between China and Russia at the time of their strained ties with the West. Xi and Putin reiterated their urge to counter U.S. domination of the international economic and political order. Russia’s aggressive behavior in Europe (Ukraine) and Chinese pursuits in the Pacific, including its looming threat to Taiwan, show coordinated moves of these two, which is a serious obstacle to effective U.S. diplomacy. The two powers shared views on many regional problems, one example being the situation in Afghanistan after the Taliban takeover. The two presidents discussed their cooperation within the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the UN Security Council, and the BRICS group.

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