Date: 24 March 2020

Warsaw Institute’s expert live on Polish national tv

Grzegorz Kuczynski, Warsaw Institute’s expert in Eurasian and Russian politics has taken part in a live broadcast on Polish national channel (TVP Info) on the 22nd of March, 2020. There, he spoke about the issue of Russian manipulations related to the number of Sars-cov2 cases inside the country. Despite its size, Russia has an extremely low rate of infections that is allegedly related to hiding the disease by purposely misidentifying it as pneumonia.

‘Minela Dwudziesta’ (Past 8pm) is the main journalistic programme on the TVP Info tv channel. The programme gathers politicians, experts as well as people of culture and business and allows them to analyse the key developments of the day the way they see it.

Watch Grzegorz Kuczyński in ‘Minela Dwudziesta’ programme! The expert’s statement begins at 24:49.

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