Date: 6 August 2019

Russia and China cooperation – a statement for South China Morning Post

Grzegorz Kuczyński, expert at the Warsaw Institute, gave an interview about increasing cooperation between China and Russia, especially in the energy sector. The cooperation of these two world powers is a part of the global competition with the United States, as well as new economic opportunities for the oligarchs associated with the Kremlin. The statement was published in the South China Morning Post, an English-language newspaper from Hong Kong.

Below are excerpts from Grzegorz Kuczyński’s statement:

“Strengthening cooperation in the field of oil and gas confirms Vladimir Putin’s main foreign policy course, in which the strategic partnership or alliance with China is aimed at the US,” said Grzegorz Kuczyski, an expert in Russia and energy at the Warsaw Institute, an independent think tank that focuses on geopolitics.

“The Chinese market has become an important path of cooperation for several Russian oligarchs and corporations close to the Kremlin,” added Kuczyski.

The entire article is available here:

China and Russia seek closer economic ties to counter US pressure as Xi Jinping prepares to meet Vladimir Putin

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