Date: 19 December 2023 Author: Szymon Polewka

Republicans in the Senate Voted to Block Aid Package for Ukraine

On Wednesday, December 7, Republicans in the Senate voted to block an emergency spending bill that would have provided assistance to Ukraine, Israel, and other measures relevant to security. This represents another chapter in the deepening American domestic divide, a factor that could ultimately shape the fate of Ukraine.


The $110 billion package included $61 billion for Ukraine, as well as funds for Israel and aid for Gaza. Despite the records pertaining to southern border protection, Republicans argue that these measures remain insufficient. Nearly 2.5 million migrants were encountered at the southern border in 2023, breaking the record set in 2022.

The vote was 49-51, with Republicans voting against moving forward with the bill, along with Bernie Sanders who caucuses with Democrats. The vote failed to reach the 60-vote threshold that would allow the proposal to come up for consideration.

However, the failed aid package does not eliminate the possibility of reintroducing the bill to the vote shortly. At present, Senate Republicans are pushing for extensive restrictions on asylum policies while advocating for the continuation of border fence construction along the Mexican border. After the failed vote to press for the supplemental aid request, U.S. President Joe Biden accused Republicans of “holding Ukraine funding hostage in the attempt to force through an extreme partisan agenda on the border.” Despite some outward assurances, there are deepening concerns in Washington and Kyiv that vital military funding has become entangled in the contentious U.S. border debate.

The United States only has a few more weeks to continue its pace of support for Ukraine before funding runs dry, National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby said at a White House press briefing on Wednesday. Joe Biden urged Congress to pass a funding bill before they recess for the holiday. “Republicans in Congress are willing to give Putin the greatest gift he could hope for, and abandon our global leadership, not just Ukraine, but beyond that,” U.S. president was quoted as saying.


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