Warsaw Institute Board
Krzysztof Kamiński

Krzysztof Kamiński

President of the Board of Warsaw Institute

He graduated from the University of Warsaw (Internal Security, Management) and completed the course in The Institute of World Politics in Washington, DC. He gained his professional experience in energy sector.

Foundation Council

Izabela Strojek Ph.D.

President Of The Council

Dawid Bączkowicz Ph.D.

Member Of The Council

Anna Karolina Piekarska

Anna Karolina Piekarska

Editor-in-chief of The Warsaw Institute Review

A historian, editor and graphic designer. A graduate of Faculty of History in the Institute of History, University of Warsaw, an employee of Archive and Publishing House of Institute of National Remembrance, a co-author of “Lech Kaczyński. Biografia polityczna 1949-2005”.
Agnieszka Nitek

Agnieszka Nitek

Office manager

She gained professional experience in the financial sector. For several years, she has been active in social organizations at the University of Warsaw. She is interested in the subject of internal security and modern terrorism.