Date: 8 March 2018

Spring Strom 18 brings 1,700 Joint Military Forces to the Black Sea

More than 1,700 Romanian and foreign military take part for ten days to one of the largest multinational drills in Dobrogea and the international waters of the Black Sea, Spring Storm 18, organised by the Romanian Navy Forces. According to the Romanian Naval Forces, Spring Storm 18 takes place during March 5-15 and is based on the concept of joint training of the naval, air and terrestrial forces, with stress laid on allied amphibious operations and fight seafaring sequences against marine mines in an area of onshore landing.

source: Romanian Navy Forces,

A press release issued at the beginning of the week by the Romanian General Staff of Naval Forces informs that the Romanian Army is part of the joint military exercise with the ‘Regele Ferdinand’ frigate, the ‘Viceamiral Eugeniu Rosca’ corvette, the ‘Pescăruşul’ missile carrier, ‘Lascăr Catargiu’ monitoring ship, the ‘Opanez’ armoured ship, a marine infantry company, a battalion of fighting divers, the ‘Viteazul’ maritime tug and two port tugs.

Romanian Air Forces also join the exercise with two Mig-21 Lancer aircraft, an IAR-330 helicopter and a Spartan C-27J aircraft, while the Romanian Land Forces take part to the drill with an infantry platoon from the 9th Mechanised Brigade. The Coast Guard is represented by a patrol ship. Within the allied drill, the Romanian military forces will cooperate with partners from Bulgaria, France, Georgia, United States and Ukraine. The United States participates with the landing ship USS Oak Hill (LSD-51), a Marine Infantry Company and the USNS Carson City Support ship, while France is represented by the frigate “Jean Bart” (D-615) and Georgia, Bulgaria and Ukraine participate with general staff officers and a team specialized in the fight against explosive devices.
According to the Romanian Navy General Staff, the scenario of the exercise puts together elements of a collective defence operation, as enshrined in Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty, and the tactical framework consists of an amphibious raid conducted against a hybrid threat employing conventional and paramilitary forces. The war games will see tactical elements specific to urban warfare, as well as standard operating procedures for the annihilation of a hostile military group by a disembarkment mission.

Spring Storm 18 is a multinational exercise planned, organized and led by the Romanian Naval Operational Component and is part of NATO’s immediate assurance plan adopted at the NATO Summit in Warsaw in 2016.

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