PROGRAMS / Ukraine Monitor

Since 2014, Russian authorities have been increasing their fight against democratic and pro-Western activities of Ukraine and, in order to achieve so, they have been using various techniques and methods. Among the non-military measures one can distinguish disinformation and propaganda as the key ones. They are addressed both to Ukrainian and Russian societies, but also to the international community. Understanding the characteristics and methods of disinformation and propaganda is crucial to protecting against their destructive influence. This matter is so important because Ukraine constitutes now one of the top areas of competition between Russia and the community of democratic countries.

By displaying instances of Russian propaganda and disinformation against Ukraine, the project’s aims are to:

  • discover the anatomy of Russian manipulation in media;
  • predict possible threats;
  • enable rational and efficient reactions to information attacks;
  • understand mentality and attitudes of “average Russians”, vulnerable to disinformation and propaganda.

The target groups for the project are: policy makers, public administration employees, social activists, journalists, social science researchers and analysts, as well as all people interested in international issues.