Date: 28 February 2018

A joint conference of Heritage Foundation and Warsaw Institute devoted to the Three Seas Initiative

Warsaw Institute together with one of the most prestigious think-tanks in the world, The Heritage Foundation, organises the first joint event in the USA. On Thursday, March 8, in Washington a conference devoted to the Three Seas Initiative with the participation of Minister Krzysztof Szczerski, the Chief of the Cabinet of the President, is to be held.

The Three Seas Initiative arises interest not only among the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, but also among our American partners. The project has a significant meaning especially in the energy, infrastructural and security context, but also in the broader context of common values or challenges.

“The Three Seas Initiative will transform and rebuild the entire region and ensure that your infrastructure, like your commitment to freedom and rule of law, binds you to all of Europe and, indeed, to the West” – said President Donald Trump during the Initiative summit in Warsaw.

The American perspective raises questions about the influence of the initiative on supporting democracy, rule of law, and also whether the Three Seas is a response to the tightening Russian energy noose around the region. At the same time, Americans point to the engagement of China in the CEE region.

The foregoing questions will be answered in Washington by Minister Krzysztof Szczerski, the Chief of the Cabinet of the President.

The conference will be titled „Advancing Liberty and Economic Freedom through the Three Seas Initiative”. Full description of the event is available on the Heritage Foundation’s website.

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