Date: 4 April 2019

The future of Central Europe – Statement of the Warsaw Institute for Azonnali

Vice-President of Warsaw Institute Izabela Wojtyczka spoke with the Hungarian website Azonnali on the phenomenon of the “renaissance of Central Europe”, geopolitical strategies of Poland and Hungary and changes taking place within the European Union.


Izabela Wojtyczka for Azonnali:

“In our understanding, “the Central European Renaissance” is about building a powerful alliance within Central Europe, based on a regional partnership. Central Europe is stronger together. This slogan has become particularly relevant since the formation of the German-French block in Europe, which has been lobbying for Nord Stream 2 and introducing censorship of a variety of media, the internet, and so on. Poland and Hungary are eager to launch a “freedom block,” which would be able to create EU reforms in the spirit of its Founding Fathers. Both these countries have enormous economic and social potential and are developing very quickly. They are committed to working together in a strong Europe.”

Whole article (in Hungarian) on Azonnali website

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