The Warsaw Institute Foundation pursues its goals and objectives in the following areas:

  • strengthening the position of the Polish state by preparing and providing its partners with analyses and studies concerning economic policy, international relations, security policy, the use of soft power, and more,
  • international cooperation of states, societies and NGOs in East-Central Europe,
  • supporting the development of democracy, the economy and entrepreneurship,
  • energy security and military security,
  • cultivating and promoting Poland’s national and state traditions and developing national, civic and cultural awareness.

The core values of the The Warsaw Institute Foundation are:

  • competencies – formal qualifications combined with ethical qualifications,
  • experience – gained by our experts at various levels of public and business activity,
  • reliability – consistent application of academic research methods; independence from political and commercial pressures,
  • innovation – creativity, continuous learning and the pursuit of modern solutions.